Welcome to the games section! You can download all of my games here! Read the Terms of Service before you download any game.

All games posted by me are virus proof guaranteed, but most of my games have large files and Google cannot scan all of it.

How To Download:

Click on the game's link. 
Next click on the ZIP file.
Click download. 
Go to your downloads and right-click on the ZIP file. 
Click on Extract and wait for it to extract. 
Go to the new unzipped file and double click on the .exe (Game)

Download Ultimate Parkour Adventure (Early 2013)  - Unity3D
Go through a 3D Parkour Adventure around the galaxy in the Ultimate Parkour Adventure!
Play Ultimate Parkour Adventure on GameJolt

Download Adventurer  - A Short Game (December 2014)  - Unity3D
Explore through a very weird world where random things happen!

Download Platformer (January 2015) - Blender Game Engine
Play in a 2.5D environment with 5 levels!

Download Trouble in the City  (April 5, 2015) - Unity3D
Play as the Electrician where you fix everyones problems and get no recognition at all!


Below are WIP games. There are still being worked on.

Ultimate Parkour Adventure 2 (Planned to Release Summer 2015) - Unity3D
Parkour through 20 levels to defeat the evil Munster Ror-Ror once and for all in Ultimate Parkour Adventure 2!